Chartered Professional Accountant


Personal and Estate Taxes

Qualified to handle all personal and estate tax engagements. From the most basic returns to rentals, investments, small business and more. 

Pricing for personal tax returns depends on the situation and complexity, but most cost averages are as follows:

- T1 return, basic $75

- T1 return, 3 or more slips $100

- T1 return with rental $150

- T1 return with business $200

- T3 return, basic $400

Corporate Taxes and Financials

Compilation engagements and T2 Corporate tax returns are the standard required year end compliance documents for corporate entities. Compilation statements are usually suitable for obtaining bank financing. We do not offer assurance engagements.

T2 basic filing fees start at $600.

T2 filing with financial statements (Compilation) starts at $800.

Our average year end file fee for a Corporation is $1250. Yours may be more or less depending on complexity and we recommend a consultation.


We provide general offsite bookkeeping services at a rate of $40/hr.